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Saturday, May 26, 2012

when love comes to town

guess why there are no new blog entries?
he's 21 months old...
the big sisters are very active...
i'm almost about to graduate from yoga teacher training...

hello...this is your 41 year old self reminding you that IT'S A LOT DIFFERENT THIS TIME AROUND.

you know how in your 20/30's you blink and your kids are in elementary school?  i've decided that is not going to happen this time.  my days are pretty much spent in the same room with the same toys with a very smart little boy reminding him that i'm his mama and i'm not going anywhere.  i think he's starting to get it.

the big girls were 5 months and 10 months at their adoption; little guy was 19 months.  we've been home about 7 weeks and finally, finally we are getting some traction.  he's smiling.  he's laughing.  he's hugging.  and it's amazing.  i've never worked so hard in my life.

what you do with an orphaned soul, what you do with anyone, is just get into their world.  speak their language.  play their way.  spend lots of time doing what they love to do.  here's what i've been doing:  stacking stackable cups any which-way.  racing cars any which-way.  saying ahh any which-way.  our boy is missing the muscle to be able to speak words (it's being repaired in July).  but oh my goodness does he speak.  expressive eyebrows.  lots of screeching.  he's making the cars say vroom,  vroom, vroom.  and he loves to dance.  and  he laughs.

resurrection life is happening right in front of us.  Levi and me and daddy and big sisters.  when loves come to town, you better catch that train.