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Friday, August 3, 2012

The greater good

Sooo...wrote this about a month ago, but thought its worth posting in the interest of full disclosure.  Adopting special needs is hard. And amazing.

July 10

Its been a rough week. Baby boy had big time surgery last Tuesday and I haven't slept much since. He's a thumb sucker, you see, so in addition to the pain that he's in from his mouth being literally reconstructed, he is really ticked that we are not letting him suck his thumb. And he's wearing these nifty little arm restraints that our surgeon lovingly (joking) calls "no-nos". Here's the rub. He has to do this so he can speak. There is no backing down, no relenting when he's wailing. It's for his long term gain.

 We all have no nos that we wear from time to time, some self inflicted, some we can't control. And I have for sure kicked and screamed and tantrumed my way through in hopes of avoiding pain. But there is a forever picture that we often forget to see, a greater good. For our boy it's the ability to speak. For the rest of us it could be anything really, the trivial getting into shape for a 25th high school reunion (wait, did I just say that out loud???) or the major kicking an addiction or you name it in between. So here's a shout out to the ones in the middle of the fight right now. And here's an encouragement. It's not over. Press on. It will be worth it. You just wait.

August 3

Turns out it was a rough month.  Little Levi went on a hunger strike so we invested hundreds of dollars in Pediasure and he's weaning off it now. Didn't know that babies stop sleeping when they stop sucking their thumbs.  More investments made in concealer for a tired mama.

And it's worth it. He's making so much noise!  Speech therapy starts next week. He's hearing (the tubes in his ears have given him full hearing!) and laughing and learning.

Here's to the greater good. May we all press on toward that which God has called us, including a good night's sleep!!

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