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Monday, March 12, 2012

Here we go...

The 10 day count down is on.  This blog is, let me lovingly warn you, going to be neglected until we get to China.  I am going off the grid to prepare for the trip.  No time for reflection--I just have to get 'er done.

Here's what I'm doing:  going to Target, taking care of a sick kiddo, preparing and freezing meals for the family, packing, back to Target, Bible study with my best girls, soccer tournament over the weekend, probably Target again, showing my mother-in-law the ropes, carpooling, finalizing packing, getting kids to birthday parties, homeschooling, taking it all in, loving every minute.  Must admit that I do have dreams of a pedicure somewhere about next Monday-ish.

So, y'all come back and read because in just a little while there are going to be some a-maz-ing stories to share.

It lights me up to think that Geng Hui Levi Melton somewhere across the world from us has absolutely no idea that we are getting ready to hold him close, love him dearly, treasure him forever.  Miss you baby boy.  Mommy's coming soon.

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