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Thursday, March 8, 2012

T-minus 2 weeks

So, a different style of blogging today to fit our current lifestyle:  lists!

Wonderful mother-in-law being dropped off by even more wonderful sister-in-law on St. Patrick's Day; this means that the home-schooled children stay in school while mom is away.  And that the husband can go to work.  And that life stays somewhat normal.  So grateful for my family-by-grace-that-I-married-into.

Airfare purchased; agenda in-China being finalized.  I have a generous and gracious Mama and Daddy who 1) travel with me, Mama; and 2) give the gift of travel, Daddy.  Grateful for my parents-who-love-God-and-share-His-goodness-with me.

Packing started; well, if a big huge pile in the middle of the nursery counts and yes it's a run on sentence because that's exactly how packing feels to me.  

Village enlisted; soccer carpools offered (and accepted, thank you Karlyn and Jean-Anne).  And a "just  tell me what you need me to do" Dana coming to our house on Monday.   Looking for a ride to the airport on 3/22, pick me up at 9:30?  I wish I were kidding, but I'm not.  

Gifts received; I am so not good at receiving.  Why do I feel guilty when people are really, really nice?  I am learning how to say thank you and just trust that you the giver know how much I mean it.  

Easter dresses for the big girls purchased.  I'm making surprise bags for them for each day that I will be gone.  For me or for them?  Both really!!

I-pad 3 for the trip???  Yeah, that's what he said.  Not happening.  Darn!

In the midst of my frantic, frenzied mind, I breathe and remember that it's not about the stuff or the lists or the to-do's.  It's about the baby.  

It's 11:49am in China right now.  I bet you are getting ready to have lunch, Geng Hui to be named Levi.  Eat up, son!  You will need your strength!  Mimi and I have big plans for you...I've got a backpack with your name all over it.  

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