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Friday, March 23, 2012

Soak it in

I rushed to the airport amidst tears and kissing hands and promises of skyping at bedtime. It is no small thing to leave two beloved (and heartbroken) girls at home to adopt little Levi. We talked about sacrifice in love, and how we all make sacrifices for the greater good of others in our lives and how this is a lesson we can hold onto when we feel sad and miss each other over the next 2 weeks. "But I just don't want you to go," are the wails that still ring in my ears. The ten-ager cried all day long yesterday, from what I'm told. Oh it wrings this mama's heart inside out. And did I really exhort her to consider the greater good? I did, but I also held her tight and whispered in her ear that nothing can separate us, really. Mama and I watched Oscar winning movies on the flight over the North Pole! Who knew that I would be relishing 14 hours on an airplane? After the mad packing mania of the night before, it was a wonderful respite. Except for the super creepy dude sitting behind us that kept offering inappropriate suggestions when I made my way to the "need help finding the toilet seat?" Ummm. That is not a good pick-up line. It's just gross. And you really should think about getting rid of that mullet. We were driven to our hotel by a very brave soul on a very packed interstate with very nice cars. When I stepped out of the van and into the warmish Beijing night, I smelled China. I listened to all of the voices speaking in a musical different language, the birth language of my daughteres. I looked into what appeared to me to be hundreds of Chinese faces, the faces of my daughers. This is what I want to savor, to bask in, to relish--this being here in the culture that gave birth to the little girls and little boy that I love. I made a promise to myself that we would all come back, the 5 of us, on this journey so that they could know the feeling that I take for granted every day; that feeling of being one of many. I'm the outsider here in China, but their little faces and skin and bodies that God gave them would feel familiar at home here. So, at 5:18am Beijing time I am off for my morning yoga on my cute fold-up yoga mat with my favorite playlist on my wonderful i-phone that I do not take for granted. And then the breakfast buffet! And then a day of touring with my sweet Mama--Forbidden City, Tianamen Square, and more are on the list for today. The plan is to soak it all in! Bathe in the beauty! Savor!

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